North West Rugby League



Sat 12/04ED
Bury Bronco46
Manchester 16

Sat 12/04PR
Folly Lane10

Sat 12/04PR
Ashton Bear34
Clock Face 6

Sat 12/04PR
Shevington 22
Bank Quay B24

Sat 12/04PR

Sat 12/04D1
Hindpool Ti18
Wigan Sprin10

Sat 12/04D1
Irlam HorneVS.
St Helens W

Sat 12/04D1
Chorley Pan24
Wigan St Ju0

Sat 12/04D1
Leigh East 22

Sat 12/04D1
Heysham Ato22
Bold Miners38

Sat 12/04D1
Bamber Brid24
Thatto Heat28

Sat 12/04D2
Wigan St Pa0
Rylands Sha24

Sat 12/04D2
Rochdale Ma44
Accrington 12

Sat 12/04D2
Woolston Ro8
Latchford A30

Sat 12/04D2
Culcheth Ea22
Oldham St A16

Sat 12/04D3
Burtonwood 22
Widnes Tige27

Sat 12/04D3
Langworthy 36
Bolton Mets16

Sat 12/04D3
Bury Bronco24
Fitton Hill0

Sat 12/04D3
Pilkington 8
Orrell St J48

Sat 12/04D3
Wigan Bulld60

Sat 12/04D4
Chester Gla20
Blackpool S34

Sat 12/04D4
Crosfields VS.
East Manche

Sat 12/04D4
Leyland War30
Eccleston L10

Sat 12/04D4
Rylands Sha52

Sat 12/04D4
New Springs33
Cadishead R20

Sat 12/04ED
Waterhead AVS.
Garswood St

Sat 12/04ED
Burtonwood 22

Sat 12/04ED
Rochdale Co50
Bamber Brid14

Wed 16/04D2
Rylands Sha22
Culcheth Ea24

Sat 19/04PR
Bank Quay B62

Sat 19/04PR
Halton Farn16

Sat 19/04PR
Halton Simm70
Shevington 18

Sat 19/04PR
Folly Lane26

Sat 19/04PR
Widnes St M54
Ashton Bear12

Sat 19/04PR
Widnes WestVS.
Clock Face

Sat 19/04D1
Hindpool Ti26
St Helens W22

Sat 19/04D1
Thatto HeatVS.

Sat 19/04D1
Wigan St Ju6
Heysham Ato60

Sat 19/04D1
Bamber BridVS.
Bold Miners

Sat 19/04D2
Blackbrook VS.
Widnes West


Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza St Helens Sponsor North West Mens League 2012


Sarah Wright, Store Manager (Domino’s Pizza St Helens):


“Partnering with the RFL in order to support the North West Men’s League was an easy decision for Domino’s Pizza St Helens.  Having already worked together on several successful occasions such as the Touchathon 2011 and a great local touch rugby league initiative, taking the relationship further seemed the perfect way to enhance our own contribution to community rugby league whilst strengthening our links with local teams.

As a store, we love nothing more than getting to know our local community and being on board as primary sponsor for the first summer season makes things even more exciting.  It is great to see so many clubs committing to moving our sport forward.

In terms of involvement, we’re looking forward to getting stuck in, we’re about people as well as pizza so our aim will be to get out there and start making real relationships with the clubs involved and hopefully help taking this league to the next level.”


Dan Parkinson, North West Regional Manager-Projects:


“It’s fantastic to have Sarah and the Domino’s team on board for 2012! To work with such a high profile company is a great addition to the North West Men’s league competition and will surely help in making it a really customer focused rugby league competition. We have built up a great relationship with Domino’s over the last year with various local programmes and initatives and are delighted to announce their sponsorship in 2012!


Domino’s will be supporting the North West finals event later in the year, along with delivering a number of community engagement days at local community rugby league clubs and teaming up with various other high profile professionals to look at sponsorship opportunities for community clubs.


North West Rugby League will feature a blog on the regional website with details on how community clubs can win various prizes based on community engagement! It really promises to be a great year!”

For more information on Domino’s St Helens visit or follow @dominosthelens on Twitter

For more information on the North West Men’s League follow us @rugbyleaguenw on Twitter!

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